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    Iskra-MT174-250x250ct.jpgThe MeterOnline system has been in operation since 2005 and has users including major PLCs and Government departments.

    The principle of the system is to collect data from Smart Meters at various locations and make readings available to subscribers via a central web portal.

    Typically the readings are sent from GSM enabled Smart Electricity Meters specially installed to monitor electricity supplies or micro-generation systems. Readings are communicated from the meters to the MeterOnline servers via M2M links with the mobile phone network. The Meteronline web portal then provides facilities to manage, display and distribute the data to subscribers as required via the Internet.

    A practical example of remote monitoring would be as follows...

    A Housing Association needs to monitor 800 solar PV installations in order to claim the Feed In Tariff.

    The installation contractor fits a Smart Meter, instead of the standard generation meter on each system.

    All the meters are automatically read on a regular basis via the meteronline system, and can be checked online.

    The Meteronline system automatically assembles the data in one spreadsheet to make the feed in tariff claim.

    The operation of all systems is monitored and if one system ceases to generate an alert is sent so maintenance can be undertaken.

    A continuous record of readings can be assembled for long term condition monitoring.

    To summarise, the features the online metering service provides include...

    Accounts for multiple meters (user can establish as many accounts as required down to one per meter)

    Meter groups within accounts (buildings, projects etc)

    Database of meter information – location etc

    List of current readings in account (this is the main account view)

    Export of account data in any required format – Includes Good Energy FIT Report

    Self registration of meters using meter number and security code (for installer)

    Individual meter (“dashboard”) displays with readings and various profile graphs

    Energy analysis

    Instantaneous readings from meter on demand

    Automatic email facilities

    Reports (Electricity bill etc)

    Alerts – low generation – high consumption

    Energy generated display (can used as a public display on a project)

    Read only account password

    Individual meter data access (for end customers – limited so other meters can’t be seen)

    Customised version with re-sellers colours, name, logo etc

    Ongoing improvement policy – if a feature is required it can be scheduled into updates if generally useful (at no cost to the customer)




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