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    Home intruder alarms

    Burglar alarm systems tailored to your home security needs.

    Thousands of homes across the UK are protected by burglar alarms installed, monitored and maintained by GH Electrical Lincs Ltd . Our cost effective intruder alarm systems are designed to deter potential intruders and can be adapted to your individual home security needs and budget.

    Home intruder alarm

    When you choose GH Electrical Lincs Ltd, you can be certain that our burglar alarm systems comply with the latest industry standards.

    Our work is  to the highest recognised security industry standards as demanded by the emergency services and insurance industry.

    Wireless burglar alarm systems

    GH Electrical Lincs Ltd wire free home security systems are installed discreetly with minimum disruption and will not detract from your home decoration

    Wireless burglar alarm detectors and control panels

    Two wireless detectors and one wireless door contact are included within the basic wire free burglar alarm package. For larger homes, the system can be expanded with additional detectors.

    If movement is detected and the alarm is not quickly acknowledged by the homeowner, the system automatically notifies the alarm Via text to the owner or controlled via a monitoring company, where trained operators are on duty round the clock, ready to take the necessary action.

    The easy to use wireless alarm system control panel is unobtrusive, stylish and modern. To view a comparison of our wireless packages, please see the link to our Packages Table, below.


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